Ok, then, I’ll say it.

Larry Craig is a disgusting little pervert who has forfeited his right to hold high office.


Anyone who trolls filthy public restrooms for anonymous sexual encounters with strangers deserves a bed in a mental institution – not a seat in the United States Senate.

I know it’s unfashionable to speak of homosexual behavior as a psychological issue but if sex in a filth ridden public mens’ room – with all of the attendant sights and smells — gets you off then you need professional help now. (My advice would be to seek out spiritual counseling with an exorcist but, hey, I’d even be happy if you saw a shrink.)

Here’s bathroom sex apologist , Andrew Sullivan, on Larry C:

Yes, he deserves criticism for poor judgment, for trying to use his position to get out of a sticky situation, for opposing gay equality and dignity, while being gay himself. But this was a victimless incident, in which no one tried to harm anyone else; and he also needs support and help and compassion.

To Mr Sullivan this is, disturbingly, a victimless incident. It’s an indication of how far this country has fallen when a gay activist describes the public betrayal of a wife of four decades as a victimless incident.

And what of Craig’s children and family who have been thoroughly humiliated by a 63 year old man with the maturity of a grapefruit and the sexual proclivities of an alley cat? Are they victims?

Larry Craig’s family deserves — in Sullivan’s words — our support and help and compassion. Larry Craig deserves intensive inpatient care at his friendly neighborhood psych ward…