by way of Tennessee!

My name is Steve and I am a package-tracker…

Whenever I’m expecting something from FedEx or UPS I track it incessantly! (It’s a disease) I am transfixed by the technology and I must have (at least) twice hourly updates on the parcel’s progress.

So when a package was dispatched from New Hampshire yesterday afternoon, a dedicated browser window was immediately established to track the package several times an hour as it made its way through Massachusetts to my home.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw the circuitous route my little parcel of love took to reach its ultimate destination:

7:03 AM       At dest sort facility       EAST GRANBY, CT          
3:56 AM       Departed FedEx location       MEMPHIS, TN
11:25 PM       Arrived at FedEx location       MEMPHIS, TN
8:19 PM       Left origin       LONDONDERRY, NH


Had this been the USPS at work — rather than FedEx — this post would have been dedicated to bashing government inefficiency. But if a private company chooses to route a package going from New Hampshire to Connecticut through Tennessee then so be it. It must make sense…

By the way, for package-tracker wannabes FedEx is, hands down, the best in terms of frequent updates. Not surprisingly, the worst system, in that regard, is the United States Post Office.

There, I was able to work in a government slam after all!

(p.s. Yankees Suck)