In 2006, five year old Mariya was unfortunate enough to be in a nearby vehicle when the Israelis launched a missile attack on the car of an Islamic Jihad activist.

Mariya was left paralyzed from the neck down and her mother, brother, grandmother, and uncle were killed instantly.

Since sustaining her injuries, the Israeli Ministry of Defense has paid for her care in a Jerusalem hospital (Bravo!) but now they’ve decided to end her care and ship her off to a pathetically inadequate West Bank hospital that lacks the ability to address her intensive needs (not so bravo).

Her father, Hamdi Aman, has brought an action in the Israeli Supreme Court asking that her care be continued in the specialized childrens’ hospital in Jerusalem. Said Mr. Haman, “I’m not asking for compensation for my dead son – I’m asking that my daughter be kept alive.”

Very moving sentiment but it can’t hold a candle to this:

She has also learned to chatter away in fluent Hebrew to her dedicated Israeli therapists. “I have always avoided telling Mariya who aimed that missile at us,” says Aman. “How can I explain that the people who hurt us are the same people who are helping us now?”

Israeli law holds the state immune from responsibility in these situations and, as a matter of law, I’m willing to stipulate that the Ministry of Defense has no obligation to continue caring for this poor child. As a moral matter, however, they have every responsibility to provide the best possible care for this broken little girl who lost her mother and brother in the same attack that left her paralyzed. The glory of Judaism is its emphasis on justice and I hope the Supreme Court acts accordingly.

Should the court rule against Mr. Hamdi, I say we bring the family to America. (Maybe we can deduct the cost of her care from the fat check that we send to the Israeli Ministry of Defense) After all, our tax dollars supplied the weapons used in the attack and, as such, we bear some moral culpability in this tragic episode. (The real reason that they hate us)

If you’re one of those bible toting, venom spewing people who worship the Prince of Peace while simultaneously advocating endless war, you don’t have to look at this as an act of mercy for a five year old Muslim child. Think of it instead as a good PR move for the USA (a.k.a. Zion, the Promised Land, the New Jerusalem, or whatever the hell you call America on Sunday mornings) and a stroke of political genius for the GOP.

Our magnanimity in helping a little terrorissss will earn us kudos from abroad while the Bush Administration brings democracy to the Middle East one family at a time…


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