…but there’s a bear in the woods.

First the Kremlin sponsors procreation camps to encourage Russian youth to breed for the Motherland. The same Russian youth who are starting to believe that Stalin may not have been so bad after all.

I can live with that. Negative population growth gives leaders the jitters and a bleak economic outlook might spark some xenophobia and nostalgia here and there, but THIS worries me:

RAF fighter jets were sent to intercept a Russian bomber which was heading towards British air space over the North Atlantic, it emerged this evening.

  An RAF Typhoon Eurofighter intercepts the Russian Bear-H bomber
Eurofighter intercepts the bomber

Two Typhoons were sent from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire to meet the Bear-H aircraft after the early warning radar system detected it heading towards UK territory, according to the Ministry of Defence.

It is the first time the Typhoon Eurofighters have been scrambled since they took on operational duties on June 29.

No more details have been released about the incident, which took place last week, but it is bound to heighten tensions after a number of assertive acts by Moscow.

Iraq’s a quagmire; Cheney wants to bomb Iran; China’s rising; energy prices are soaring; and now Russia’s on the move.

Two words: BUY GOLD