This is Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and she talks to Angels:

But wait, there’s more! Not only does the Scandinavian princess communicate with heavenly beings but she can also teach you to do it!

Looking for a creative learning environment where your child can really spread her wings? On Thursday, Norway’s Princess Maertha Louise opened a school for students interested in contacting angels. For $2,100 per semester, the Astarte school affords pupils the opportunity to communicate with the “forces that surround us and who are a resource and help in all the aspects of our lives.”

Needless to say, none of this is going over very well with the commoners. A princess who claims contact with disembodied intelligence doesn’t really make a lot of friends in the bland, state Lutheranism of Norwegian society.

Many think she’s taken leave of her senses and have urged her to seek medical help, and a growing number want her to renounce her claim to the Norwegian throne. (She’s currently 4th in line so there’s no real danger of her ever becoming Queen)

And because this is the XXIst Century, when a royal princess (allegedly) takes leave of her senses and establishes an angel school, you can bet your last Krone (Norwegian currency; crown) that the school will have a website! In Norwegian AND ENGLISH!


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