It’s Christmas, your birthday, the World Series, your Summer Vacation, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition all rolled into one: It’s SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel !

At the risk of going completely over the top, it’s the best television EVER!


I think I’ve watched every show at least twice, but it’s like Family Guy you can watch the same episode over and over and never get bored. The best by far is Air Jaws (see pic above) – it’s about Great Whites in South Africa that breach the surface of the water at amazing speeds to gobble up little fur seals.

Shark Week wraps up tomorrow night but there’s still plenty of time to catch an episode or two. (Schedule here) Unfortunately, Air Jaws isn’t scheduled to run again but, brace yourselves, Air Jaws II – Even Higher is running a few more times before, alas, the best week in television history comes to an end. (Until next year!)



Update 8/4/07: What kind of shark are you? Take the Shark Quiz

Unfortunately, I’m a bottom feeding White Spotted Bamboo Shark which is disappointing. But, hey, they’re capable of asexual reproduction and that’s always handy!