…well you know the rest but here’s Congressman Ron Paul on the subject:

To calm fears, Americans accepted the patriot act and the doctrine of pre-emptive war. We tolerated new laws that allow the government to snoop on us, listen to our phone calls, track our financial dealings, make us strip down at airports and even limited the rights of habeas corpus and trial by jury. Like some dysfunctional episode of the twilight zone, we allowed the summit of our imagination to be linked up with the pit of our fears.

Paranoia can be treated, but the loss of liberty resulting from the social psychology to which we continue to subject ourselves is not easily reversed. People who would have previously battled against encroachments on civil liberties now explain the “necessity” of those “temporary security measures” Franklin is said to have railed against.

Back in the days when I was screaming, stomping, and pulling my hair out over so-called conservatives who were pissing on the Constitution and embracing an expansive (and ever expanding) government in the name of “security”, Dr. Paul was the only Republican in Congress to stand against the excesses and encroachments.

What I wouldn’t give to have a few hundred more like him in that big, ugly building on Capitol Hill.


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