If you’re ever elected Pope you’ll assume crushing responsibilities long after most men of your age have retired to the sun – so it’s important to get in some serious R&R whenever you can.

Lucky for you, Benedict XVI can serve as a sterling example on how to chill out pontifically.


Like the rest of us, you’re still a little stiff when you arrive. Can’t quite shake out of that work mode:


But then you start to unwind. Playing a little Mozart on the upright in the cottage sure helps (Notice that he ditched the cape):


Then, you know, maybe a bratwürst and a few cold beers on the patio:


Gotta take in some scenery (You can lose the skullcap for a couple hours if you want):


Be sure to mingle with the locals. You always want to leave a good impression:


The bad news is that you’ll still have to do a little work. You are the Pope after all:


But then, after a few days, you can just go completely native. Break out the shades, put on the sunblock, ditch the red satin shoes and hit the trails (NB: bring your Rosary):


(The Ecclesiastical Blues Brothers. "We're on a mission from God")

But, alas, just as you’re starting to get into serious relaxation mode the vacation comes to an end and it’s time to put on your suit and head back to the office: