More of that quirky New Hampshire behavior that just makes us love them so much:

MERRIMACK, N.H. —Town leaders are asking residents to pay their tolls one penny at a time.

Officials want residents to pay tolls on the F.E. Everett Turnpike in pennies one day next month to protest the failure of a toll-relief plan.

The Town Council voted unanimously this week for a “Toll Revolt Day” on Aug. 27.

Chairman Dave McCray says residents’ burden of paying tolls to get around town is being ignored by lawmakers. The protest will call attention to the situation, he said.

McCray says lawmakers from other towns are “useless blowhards,” who could “count the pennies in their spare time, because Lord knows they have enough of it.”


“You people in Concord,” McCray said. “You son of a gun. I am going to Sovereign Bank to get myself a roll of pennies.”

Northern New Englanders have a certain charm, don’t they? I mean this isn’t a citizens’ group organizing a toll revolt, it’s the freakin’ Town Council organizing a toll revolt! Anyway, as revolution brews in New Hampshire, prepare for the earth to be knocked off her axis by the sheer force of the brays from the Western media over this little bit of news:

Australian citizenship test will include Christian heritage


In speaking in Parliament about the new law in May, the Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews, noted: “British settlers of Australia brought with them the Anglo-Celtic principles and traditions of Christianity, the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment.”

Very soon it will be un-PC to hold conventions, spend your vacation, or even change planes in Australia. Kangaroos will be burned in effigy in the streets of Berkeley; Harvard will divest of its Aussie securities; and Dennis Kucinich will pledge to break diplomatic relations with Canberra upon taking the oath of office.

And, no doubt, Christiane Amanpour will host a CNN Special with footage of small Muslim and Hindu children who have become alienated, self-loathing, and drug dependent as a result of the Christofascist extremists in the Howard government with their insensitive, not-sufficiently-diverse law mongering.

The outrage!