D. M. Giangreco, Editor Emeritus of Military Review, smells a Tet-like Iraqi insurgent attack just over the horizon. (Most likely just prior to General Petraeus’ mid-September report to Congress):

Al Qaeda and other Islamic militants have displayed over and over again through their public statements that they are astute observers of the American political discourse over Iraq. That a violent “offensive” of some sort will be launched to drown out or subvert the heavily promoted and anticipated appearance of General David Petraeus before Congress in September is practically a given. It is also certain that Coalition forces in Iraq will work aggressively to disrupt the coming offensive — and the “troop surge” itself serves that end. But in the current news environment, any attacks by the insurgents, no matter how reckless or costly to themselves, are guaranteed to generate massive press coverage and criticism of US efforts even if the insurgents fail militarily.

Meanwhile, The Decider’s propaganda efforts continue apace. In a desperate effort to link the Iraq war solely with al Qaeda — whose presence in Iraq was made possible by his war– Bush is, once again, trying to forge a subconscious link between Iraq and September 11th in the minds of the American people.

Consider the number of al Qaeda references in recent addresses:


With his poll numbers in the cellar, his war thoroughly rejected, and his presidency in tatters, I’d like to think that the American people are too astute to buy this bill of goods again, but… ok, maybe not…