It’s Monday so I thought I’d hit on a few bad ideas, unfortunate situations, and lousy choices:

  • Illegal immigrants to get ID cards in Connecticut: Actually, the title is somewhat misleading. Connecticut isn’t granting state IDs, the City of New Haven is going to issue a Municipal Identification Card for illegals. Nevertheless, its a bad idea.
  • 200 trapped in St. Louis Arch for two hours: Getting trapped in St. Louis for two hours is bad enough, but getting trapped inside a packed tram with fat, sweaty tourists definitly qualifies as a very unfortunate situation.
  • St. Patrick’s Day 2008: March 15th? It seems that the Irish Bishops are moving next years St. Patrick’s Day observance from March 17th to March 15th. They’re kicking it back to the prior Saturday because the 17th falls on the Monday of Holy Week and Holy Week has to take precedence. I understand the rationale but it just ain’t right..
  • Woman leaves kids alone as she poses nude in the woods: She’s 20, the kids aren’t hers (she was babysitting), and she had the nude pics taken to get back at her ex-boyfriend. Lousy idea in spades.
  • Barry special, Barry alone: A city set to crown its king: San Francisco is ready to crown Barry Bonds — a man whose appetite for illicit drugs was second only to Rush Limbaugh’s — as Major League Baseball’s all time Home Run king. Three words: Barry Bonds cheated. This hits (pardon the pun) all three: it’s a bad idea, an unfortunate situation, and a truly lousy choice.