…so goes the Nation.

It seems that the quintessential American bellwether state of Missouri has seen a decidedly pro-life shift during the past fifteen years.

In 1992, 34 percent of Missouri voters described themselves as “strongly pro-choice”. In 2006, this figure dropped to 23 percent. The percentage of citizens polled who described themselves as “strongly pro-life” rose from 26 percent to 36 percent in the same period.

Blunt and Steeper note that the most dramatic shift is among the young people they polled. In 1992, those under age 30 were the most strongly pro-abortion (39%), and the least strongly pro-life (23%). In 2006, 36 percent of this same age group described themselves as pro-life.

I’ve noticed that even the hell bound Democrats have stopped wearing their pro-choice (and, for that matter, pro-gun control) credentials on their sleeves. Instead of their usual militant (and shrill) endorsements of a “woman’s right to choose” they now have to preface their stump speeches with an obligatory, “Look, nobody likes abortion but…”

So here’s hoping that Federalism wins out. Overturn Roe (in which, nine old men held forth on when life begins…) and let the states decide.


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