Apparently aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree. To wit:

Boulder, Colorado District Attorney Mary Lacy on her decision to fly a lunatic from Thailand to Boulder (via California) when exculpatory evidence could have been gathered in Bangkok — thus saving Colorado taxpayers thousands upon thousands of dollars:

DA defends decision to arrest Karr

“We felt we could not ignore this. We had to follow it,” she said. “There was a real public safety concern here directed at a particular child” in Thailand, and a forensic psychologist said Karr “was dangerous, this person was escalating.”

That’s great but, typical power trips of American elected officials notwithstanding, her authority does not extend to Thailand. She’s the Boulder, Colorado DA for pity’s sake! His behavior in Thailand is the responsibility of Thai authorities. Period.

By all means, share whatever info Boulder has with the Bangkok police, but… awwww, forget it. She should be removed from office, but she’ll probably win the compassion vote and remain DA until she grows old and dies.

And then there’s the email I found waiting for me this morning… It was a collection of ethnic jokes (everyone was bashed: Blacks, Mexicans, Irish, Italians, Blonde women, all men, and, of course, Southerners). It had been forwarded (and forwarded again) at least half a dozen times. The thing is, it orginated at a very prominent local law firm. No one had enough brain cells to strip the original headers before forwarding it…

Should I send eight lawyers to the unemplyment line?