I think Andrew J. Bacevich (professor of history and international relations at Boston University) hits the nail on the head in The Islamic Way of War.

Bacevich writes: Muslims have stopped fighting on Western terms—and have started winning:

What are we to make of this? How is it that the seemingly weak and primitive are able to frustrate modern armies only recently viewed as all but invincible? What do the parallel tribulations—and embarrassments—of the United States and Israel have to tell us about war and politics in the 21st century? In short, what’s going on here?

The answer to that question is dismayingly simple: the sun has set on the age of unquestioned Western military dominance. Bluntly, the East has solved the riddle of the Western Way of War. In Baghdad and in Anbar Province as at various points on Israel’s troubled perimeter, the message is clear: methods that once could be counted on to deliver swift decision no longer work.

Defeatist? Well, maybe Hannity would say so but it’s a point-of-view rarely discussed in the media. Is it possible that we’ll be fighting endless wars of attrition against an enemy who cannot (and will not) be beat?

It’s likely if we don’t get at those “root causes” that we’re never allowed to mention.