…I don’t know but something managed to turn a free, proud people into a nation of cowering police bootlickers.

On Monday I was driving back from Rhode Island and as soon as I crossed the Connecticut line highway signs informed me that I would be fined for littering, fined for using a cell phone without a hands-free device, ticketed for driving without a seat belt, and arrested for speeding and/or drunk driving. Welcome to Connecticut, the “Land of Steady Habits”.

Huge, electronic signs above the highway read, “Over the limit; under arrest!”, and as I made way home — listening to a rare Red Sox day game on the radio — a public service announcement (opening with the sound of a jail cell door slamming)proudly announced that I’d experience that sound in person if I dared to well, I guess, have a drink with dinner some night.

I blame the Democrats, of course (in this state there’s no one else TO blame)but, ultimately, it’s the people who have gone soft. They’ve allowed government to assume the role of parent – confronting us constantly with “thou shalt nots” and “you’re going to be in trouble if”. Government has gone from nanny state to strict father; from overprotective mother to nagging wife.

I’m against drunk driving as much as the next guy but this is waaay over the top.(I went to Catholic school and the Sisters of Mercy weren’t this bad!) They should have just put up a sign that read, “Welcome to East Berlin”

Ultimately, a tiny fraction of us drive drunk – just as a miniscule percentage of us murder, rape, rob, run over dogs for fun, etc. Why are a free people assaulted by government threats on their daily commutes? We all know that murder is illegal, but do we have to be reminded of it every twenty minutes?

I miss America…