Yesterday, I averaged out Joe Lieberman’s liberal credentials by comparing “score cards” from four of the largest Democratic special interest groups. (See post here).

Just for the hell of it, I decided to check the American Conservative Union’s lifetime ratings of several prominent Democratic Senators. Including those who are, doubtlessly, running for President in 2008 — and those who have run in recent years. For the record, the ACU is the oldest Conservative lobbying group in America.

Lieberman (CT) – 17
Biden (DE) – 14
Nelson (FL) – 41
Bayh (IN) – 21
Reid (NV) – 20
Clinton (NY) – 9
Byrd (WV) – 30
Feingold (WI) – 12

So (Liberal) Joe is a 17/100 on the Conservative scale. (That’s 3 points higher than Joe Biden; 8 higher than Hillary; and 3 points lower than Harry Reid)

And for the record, GOP whipping boy (and decorated war hero) Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania had a rating double that of Joe Lieberman’s…