Kudos to the American Conservative magazine for bringing up a subject that’s long overdue for serious discussion. In the August 28th issue the editors ask: “What is Left? What is Right? Does it Matter?

1. Are the designations “liberal” and “conservative” still useful? Why or why not?

2. Does a binary Left/Right political spectrum describe the full range of ideological options? Is it still applicable?

The charge is taken up by thirty writers/thinkers/editorialists from across the political spectrum and the result is a fascinating collection of essays that may keep you reading well into the night.

Not suprisingly, Pat Buchanan penned my favorite line:

Most of us … are not really ‘neo-’ anything. We are old church and old right, anti-imperialist and anti-interventionist, disbelievers in Pax Americana. We love the old republic, and when we hear phrases like ‘New World Order,’ we release the safety catches on our revolvers.

Good stuff, read it here.