Elsewhere on the web, I’ve been arguing with New England Republicans about Joe Lieberman’s moderate credentials.

One gentleman suggested that compared to Kerry, Kennedy, and Reid, Lieberman is, indeed, a moderate. So I checked the numbers on leading liberal indicators and threw Connecticut’s Senior Senator into the mix for comparison’s sake.

Here’s what I found:

Lieberman 80% 75% 71% 85% 78%
Dodd 100% 75% 60% 77% 78%
Kerry 100% 100% 71% 85% 89%
Kennedy 95% 100% 86% 92% 93%
Reid 100% 100% 57% 77% 84%

So based on the latest available “score cards” from these bright red groups, Senator Dodd (who no Republican would EVER call a moderate) and Senator Lieberman were in a stone cold tie.

Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy were (respectively) 11 and 15 percentage points higher. (No suprise there.)

And Senator Reid — the DEMOCRATIC LEADER in the United States Senate — was a mere 6 points higher than good Ol’ Joe. (When was the last time you heard any Republican call Senator Reid a moderate?)

When the desperate Bushies say they support Joe Lieberman because he’s a “moderate” or an “Independent” thinker, they’re lying. (Because he’s neither). They support him because he supports George Bush’s war. (And, no doubt, his future war plans in Iran and Syria, as well.)

For the sake of consistency, when Senator Dodd runs for re-election, I would expect the RNC to refuse to endorse his GOP rival. After all, by current Republican standards, Senator Dodd is a moderate

***ADA – Americans for Democratic Action (.pdf)
NARAL – National Abortion Rights Action League
ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union
PFAW – People for the American Way (.pdf)