While Hannity, Kemp, Limbaugh, and even RNC Chair Ken Mehlman lament Joe Lieberman’s loss in last week’s primary, the “Conservative” choice and the much adored “Moral Voice of the United States Senate” is revealed as a liberal, a sore loser, and well, quite frankly, a liar.

They could have titled it “Putting the “lie” in Lieberman”, or “Say it ain’t so, Joe” (I’m big on Baseball references) but, alas, The National Catholic Register has significantly more class than I do. Here’s their lead editorial from the August 18th issue The Tragedy of Joe Lieberman:

When he first ran for the Senate, Lieberman had heavy Catholic support. He met with Hartford Archbishop John Whealon in 1988 and handed the archbishop a pro-life pledge.

Father Thomas Berry, who worked for Archbishop Whealon, is quoted in the Washington Times saying Lieberman “expressed himself against abortion, all suicide and euthanasia. His position on that definitely was well received by the archbishop and priests.

It’s no wonder Catholics were shocked when the senator not only voted again and again in full support of abortion, but even went so far as to protect partial-birth abortion. That’s the procedure in which a doctor punctures the skull of a child who is being born. The doctor removes the child’s brain, then completes what has become a still-birth. [Emphasis mine]

Ok, he never met a tax he didn’t love, he revels in spending the public largesse almost as much as the modern GOP does, he’s pro-abortion, and he welches on a public promise to the (now deceased) Archbishop of Hartford in a cynical vote grabbing maneuver… But, hey, he loves the war! And given the chance, he’d vote to invade Syria and Iran (And Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan…) Well, ok, you get the point.

Let Joe run as an Independent if he so chooses, but can we at least stop with all the “moral courage” nonsense? The guy’s no better than any other self-serving politician. In fact, by cloaking himself in a a false morality by parading his faith — and using the faith of others — he’s probably a helluva lot worse…

Update: I regret not quoting their closing line. It’s a wonderfully crafted verbal bitch slap: “Joe, we both believe in the God who said “Thou shalt not kill.” Let’s make common cause, together, in Him. He always keeps his promises.”