So much for the increased security at British and American airports:

BOSTON (Reuters) – A woman panicking from claustrophobia forced a Washington-bound flight from London to make an emergency landing in Boston on Thursday, sparking a major security alert.

Police and other officials said there was no apparent terrorist threat, but the incident set off a major security response a week after British authorities said they had foiled a plot to blow up planes from London to the United States.

But here’s the kicker:

“Her carry-on bags subsequently were searched and matches were found in the bag as well as a gelatin-like substance [ed: later determined to be hand cream] but those items were not deemed to have any terrorist connection or pose a threat to the aircraft,” Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told a news conference. [Emphasis mine]

Ok, so with all the ballyhoo about increased security — especially relating to carry-on items — how the hell did MATCHES and “a gelatin like substance” make it past British security?!

“Right you are now, love, just a tin of accelerant and a box of ignitables. You’re good to board. Safe trip!”