While it was previsouly forbidden for American politicians, pundits, journalists, or private citizens to criticize Israel, Israeli foreign and military policy, or the Israeli government – the rules have now been officially modified.

On Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 12:10 PM (EDT), narco-terrorist paymaster, Rush Limbaugh, decreed: “The current Israeli Prime Minister is a disaster!”

Had anyone said — relative to his Palestinian policy — “Ariel Sharon is a disaster!”, he would have been labeled an anti-Semite before the final syllable had passed his lips.

Therefore, the rules have been amended.

It’s now perfectly permissable to criticize Israel if you sense moderation, or realism in the conduct of their foreign and military policy. If you discern that the Israeli Government is not behaving in a craven, blood-thirsty, and disproportianate manner then, by all means, have at them without fear of being smeared as a racist who wants Jews “pushed into the sea”.

That is all.