The next time you think that life couldn’t get any worse because the morning line at Starbuck’s is too long, remember this poor Boston family:

The devoted older brother of a dying Dorchester teen fulfilled a promise to join his little brother on his journey into eternal life when he died Tuesday in a motorcycle accident just hours before a brain tumor claimed his kin.

William Davulis, 26, the eldest of 10 children, was on his way to say goodbye to his younger brother, Dominic, 17, when he lost control of his motorcycle at the intersection of East First and O streets in South Boston at about 4:35 p.m.

“William wasn’t expecting to see God. He was expecting to see his dying brother,” said the brothers’ mother Terina, who hasn’t slept since she bid adieu to her older son at the city morgue only to return to Dominic’s bedside and hold his hand until he died at 12:50 yesterday morning. [Article]

When I read something like this I feel like a damned fool for complaining about…well, just about anything.