I’m not a big fan of the online quiz but there are times when I just can’t help myself. This was one of them:

You scored as Sox Fanatic.

You’re a Sox Fanatic- you know nearly anything and everything about the Red Sox. You’ve probably gone to at least a few games a year, a Sox-Yankee game, spring training, and have a bunch of autographs. Plus, I can bet Jerry Remy is one of your idols. You definately count as part of Red Sox Nation.

Sox Fanatic


Almost a fan


On the bench


Not so much


Are you a true Red Sox fan??
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Yeah, I know I’m a Red Sox fanatic — it didn’t take a quiz to tell me that — but the pic that came along with it was just too cool to resist. And, by the way, Jerry Remy is not one of my idols, I can’t stand the man…

Also worth a look:

    Coolus maximus linguam latinam est!

I love Latin… I took three years in High School but learned little more than a few prayers and the odd maxim or two. Every year — and I mean EVERY year — I promise, I vow, I swear that I’m going to sit down with my Wheelock’s and build the vocab and work on the grammar. I never do it…

I’ll go to my grave with the goal of Latin fluency unmet but I still can’t resist websites like these:

Latin Weather Forecasts: The Weather Underground provides current weather and updated forecasts in Latin for people who are just too cool to bother themselves with the English. Another useless site that I find utterly fascinating.

The Latin Lover The official versions of Vatican texts and Papal documents are always promulagted in Latin and then translated into the various modern languages. So who checks the Pope’s Latin? Why Father Reginald Foster, of course. Father Foster ” The Pope’s Latinist” (this is the guy who raps the Supreme Pontiff’s knuckles and says “No, Holy Father, you want the VOCATIVE case here!!”) has his own show on Vatican Radio. The link above will take you to the website. Yet another place where I can waste hours and hours of time…