I like to bandy about the phrase “Republifascists” whenever I can reasonably work it into a post. Such is my great love for that awkward little compound word. But, I gotta tell you, in this case it may be appropriate.

Here’s Blogs for Bush (*snide little chuckle*) reverently quoting a pathetically ignorant soldier:

[…] Citizens with no military experience cannot begin to empathize with the hardships that we endure, nor can they understand the split second life and death decisions we are forced to make. Instead we’ve created a nation of hind-sight soldier critics with force fed tunnel vision.

[…] As a soldier my concern is that while Americans enjoy their freedom of speech and freedom of the press they are inadvertently weakening our defenses, damaging our nation, and negatively influencing the frontline soldiers that continue to ensure their freedoms.

Yeah, that pesky First Amendment sure can be inconvenient to those off fighting Mr. Bush’s elective war of national liberation. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that Sergeant Benito is defending my “freedoms” in, well, ….Iraq. (Even though it appears that my uniformed countryman is more hellbent on curbing my freedoms than that old bugger Saddam ever was.)

But I digress. Our correspondent — who describes himself as “Being in the minority of soldiers with formal education” (Hmmm, a whiff of elitism there, methinks. He’s not being appropriately deferential to our boys in uniform. Someone alert FoxNews!) — has much more to say. So get your brownshirt out of the closet and go have a look.

By the way, Blogs for Bush (*snide little chuckle*) says we should pass this along. I could not agree more…