In a political climate that defines anyone wearing a government uniform — from postman to Marine — as a “hero” it’s nice to be reminded that the private sector can get in the action too.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nomar Garciaparra, American hero:

“Then we heard a splash, and it sounded kind of close,” Victor [Nomar’s uncle] said. “We looked down and saw someone in the water [Boston Harbor], and so Nomar started running down.”

Victor said he was trailing Nomar when he saw the other woman fall in, apparently hitting her head.

“When she fell, it was about a 12- or 15-foot drop, and I thought she had hit the deck of the pier, so I jumped off a balcony,” he said. “I figured she was probably unconscious.”

By the time Victor Garciaparra got close to the second woman, he said he reached out for her only to find Nomar already in the water with both women in his arms. Victor said Nomar swam with them before the men pulled them onto the deck.

“They were kind of combative at first,” Victor said. “I think they were in shock from the fall, and one of them had a bump on her head. But then when we pulled them up, the one girl recognized Nomar and says, `Are you Nomar?’

“He didn’t respond to her, and she asked about three times, `Are you Nomar? Are you Nomar?’ Finally he said to her, `I think you hit your head pretty hard,’ and that was about it.” [Article]

Hats off to Nomah!